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Corporate Account Application

We make every effort to respond to inquiries as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. If your concern is immediate please call our offices at (225) 923-3260.


Business information
Authorized Persons
Purchase Order Information
Deposit or Credit Card Required

All accounts require either a deposit of $ 1000.00 (non interest) or a credit card for guarantee. The credit card will not be charged unless bill is not paid in a timely manner. At that time the account will be closed and the full amount owed with interest will be charged to the card.

Bank Reference
Credit References


We hereby authorize First Parish Transportation Corp. dba Yellow Cab to request from any source and authorize the release of, any information pertaining to our credit history or any other pertinent information.



All charges appearing on all invoices and statements will be paid in full by the twentieth (20th) of the month in which the bill is received. Any disputed charges must be addressed to the company in writing within twenty (20) days of the statement date, otherwise all are assumed to be correct and due in full. You remain obligated to pay all charges not in dispute on time. Accounts not paid in full by the time of the next billing cycle will be assessed a late penalty of 1.65 % per month (19.8% annually) on the balance “PERSONS AUTHORIZED TO APPROVE THE USE OF SERVICES TO BE RENDERED ON OPEN ACCOUNT” will result in the extension of any credit privileges granted to the applicant company, to also be granted to any person(s) or firm(s) representing themselves as an agent(s), employee(s), or principal of the applicant company. Furthermore if the account is not restricted, the applicant company waives any rights to dispute any charge on the grounds of unauthorized use.


By clicking submit I hereby warranty on this date of February 19, 2018 that all the information submitted is correct and that I am duly authorized to bind the applicant company to these terms.

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