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About Yellow Cab of Baton Rouge

As the largest private for hire transportation fleet in Baton Rouge - 1974 to present we have been first in many areas of the transportation industry as outlined below.

Firsts for Yellow Cab of Baton Rouge

  • Central dispatch shop 1976
  • Computerized fixed route scheduling 1978
  • Tipsy Taxi Program in Baton Rouge with OLOL Tau Center 1984-2006
  • Principal in first Baton Rouge ADA program 1991-94
  • First to accept credit cards 1992
  • Computerized dispatch in Louisiana 1993
  • Utilize alpha pagers in the SE US 1997
  • Wheelchair accessible taxicabs in La 1998
  • Utilize two way data terminals in Taxicabs in La. 2009
  • Utilize Gps location in Taxicabs in La 2009
  • Computer automated dispatch in La 2010
  • First in Baton Rouge with apps in 2013


  • Member of TLPA
  • Better Business Bureau
  • East Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce
  • West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce
  • Southern Taxi Conference
  • G.B.R. Hotel/Motel Association

Employee Involvement

  • Volunteer Baton Rouge
  • American Red Cross
  • Food Bank of G.B.R.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • AAA Counselor
  • Churches and Neighborhood groups
  • Numerous sporting groups and leagues