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Recently enlisted paratransit cabs parked in front of St. James Place Retirement Community

Paratransit Services & Signup

We provide sedan service for clients to go to and from the doctors office, dialysis, workmanscomp claims and your attorney's offices. Wheelchair accessible vans are available by reservation.

If you are ambulatory and can transfer to a regular taxicab ( i.e. Sedan style car ) please call (225) 926-6400 or CLICK HERE to order a taxicab. We try to keep the vans for those who cannot transfer out of their wheelchair. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!


Paratransit Service Stipulations
  1. We require at least 2 business days prior to the trip date for all online requests
  2. One Wheelchair bound client and up to 4 other passengers maximum per vehicle
  3. We do not provide wheelchairs – We provide transportation only
  4. We do not provide assistance – load and unloading of wheelchair client only
  5. All fares are the same as a regular taxicab except the taxi meter does run in time mode while loading and unloading ($0.50 per minute)
  6. All vans are non-smoking vehicles
  7. As always all requests are filled in the order they are received
  8. Maximum chair width is 34 inches – maximum height is 68 inches
  9. Maximum personal body weight is 350lbs (this is not counting the chair)
  10. This a request form only – you will receive notification of availability and confirmation of such in 1 business day or less